I can’t access – Best Solution found is a solution to every Netgear problem but sometimes it doesn’t work and this issue has become frequent these days. The possible reasons for when you try to access the website is to set up your wireless extender, login to its web-based interface to personalize some settings, and to update your password. The problem arises when you receive an error message stating that unable to connect to the site. This usually occurs because is not a regular Internet website. It is just a local web address that is used to launch settings like a genie or… Read More

How do I access Nighthawk Router Login page?

Nighthawk Login is the next step after completing the installation of your Nighthawk Router. Nighthawk login is first and foremost step to personalize your Router. All its configuration settings will be accessible once you complete nighthawk login.  Sometimes users experience troubles while logging in to Nighthawk Router. The issues may be common such as internet connection isn’t proper or may be a fault in installation. In this guide we are going to talk about such common issues that prevent Nighthawk Router Login. First, let’s tell you the stepwise login instructions below:- Take an ethernet cable and connect your Nighthawk Router… Read More